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Our Customers

Learn how companies like yours from across the globe have worked with us to connect employees, increase collaboration, and provide the best employee experience possible.

Workplace from Meta partner
North East Ambulance Service

In the face of increasingly hostile and isolated working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic, NEAS sought a solution that prioritised keeping staff safe, connected and informed.

Genuit Group

Genuit Group sought to build a recognisable culture and a sense of belonging to the Group as well as respecting and upholding that of each individual business.

RUH Bath

RUH Bath engaged with Work Networks 12 months into their Workplace journey to retrofit some best practices and maximise value as they emerged from the height of the pandemic.

All3 Media

All3 Media wanted to create a stronger sense of what it means to be part of All3 Media as a group, as well as bridge the gap between individual businesses in order to share best practices and benefit from the collective intelligence.


BHRUT wanted to facilitate internal communications and staff engagement across the whole Trus with the specific goals of building staff networks to align with BHRUT objectives on improving staff engagement, wellbeing, and peer to peer support.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) needed to communicate, engage and connect real-time with its people at global, regional and country levels. They needed a proactive strategy to ensure vital messages on coronavirus got to people in need.


One of incoming CEO Sandra Skeete’s first missions was to bring Octavia’s divisions, workplaces and people together as One Octavia. She launched Workplace from the stage of Octavia’s biannual Staff Conference in January 2020.

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