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Workplace customers

The Challenge

The World Health Organisation (WHO) needed to communicate, engage and connect real-time with its people at global, regional and country levels. They needed a proactive strategy to ensure vital messages on coronavirus got to people in need.

Led by ‘the DG’ Dr Tedros, WHO launched Workplace to all of it’s staff (over 12,000) globally this year, with Work Networks as partner.

How Workplace helped

Workplace is providing a vital platform for co-ordinating worldwide response to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic
It is being used for global interactive all-staff live broadcasts from the DG, Regional internal comms, and even coordinating emergency operations on the ground in Yemen


75% of people use Workplace every month


“Thanks Work Networks, you stuck with us, sharing an immense amount of your personal and professional experience and time, and I am very grateful to you. You were an essential element in what we were able to accomplish.”
- Joel T Schaefer, Director Internal Communications, WHOHO

“We are grateful to you for enabling WHO staff all over the world to be connected via Workplace. Your partnership and that of your teams is greatly appreciated and we look forward to even more. Here’s to a world of accurate, lifesaving information!”
- Dr Tedros, Director General, World Health Organisation

“It’s become an easy-to-access channel for our staff around the world to watch the daily press briefings, staff seminars and to find resources, while providing an open forum for staff to ask questions and receive instant feedback. It ‘ticks the box’ on our need to communicate, engage and connect real-time with our colleagues around the world, especially during this public health emergency of international concern.”
- Carey Kyer, Change Manager, WHO

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