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We help you choose the absolute best technology for your needs.

This way we help support global organisations change their culture, how they work, create connection, community, and boost genuine human relationships.

Workplace from Meta partner

Great tech isn't enough...

We’re experts in smoothing the road to a successful social-enterprise software launch and then working alongside you to co-create a living and growing digital community, delivering ongoing and specific value across your entire organisation.


The software you choose is a toolkit for enabling stronger connections among your people. We’re experts at putting those tools to work - and we want to make you experts too.

Workplace from Meta partner

Building your digital community

When individuals feel connected, business thrives.

What exactly is the 'Work Network effect'? Our clients will tell you that it is the point at which a company becomes a community.


That's why having the best technology to suit your business needs matters.


Whether you choose Viva Engage, Workvivo, Simpplr or another social-enterprise technology, what makes it the best?

It's familiar

It's intuitive, so  it's easy to get started with little-to-no tech support or training.

WWorkplace from Meta partner

It's secure

It has enterprise-grade security so that your data is safe, secure and protected.

Workplace security

It's mobile

It is in the hands of every member of staff quickly and easily on their own device.

Workplace mobile app

It's integrated

It can be integrated with all the tech you already use, from Google Drive and Office 365, to DocuSign and Azure AD.

Workplace integration

It's for everyone

You’ll be able to connect all of your people, no matter where, when or how they work.

Workplace from Meta partner
Workplace from Meta partner

Workplace is a communication platform that links everyone in your organisation, regardless of where they work. To encourage people to communicate and work together, it employs well-known features like Groups, Chat, Rooms, and Live video streaming.

Create a community with Workplace

Anahid Basmajian

Global Lead, Client Experience Programs, Workplace from Meta

"We love working with you. On behalf of everyone at Workplace, thank you for inspiring us, not only today but every day".

Workplace from Meta partner
Workplace from Meta partner

What else can we help you with?


Understanding your employees is critical for a successful digital work culture, and Workplace's native insights provide a wealth of information.


Additionally, with third-party analytics solutions that we have ready to go, you can instantly transform employee engagement data into actionable insights.

Workplace analytics


People are spending the majority of their working day on 'work about work' rather than doing crucial work, which has an impact on happiness, efficiency, and culture. Not to fear though, routine duties can be automated on Workplace, freeing you and your employees to collaborate and accomplish more concentrated work.

Add 'out of the box’ automation and integrations to Workplace from Meta to enchant your staff and improve efficiency, or collaborate with us to bespoke-build your very own.

Business automation

Security & Risk Management

Human mistake occurs from time to time; but, we can ensure that any errors that arise are not only handled but also prevented.


You can rest comfortably knowing that we can transform digital conversation data from Workplace into real-time analytics that discover risk while delivering organisational intelligence at scale.

Security and risk management
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