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What's next?

Workplace from Meta is being retired from 2025/2026.

We're here to help you transition from Workplace to the right tool for your organisation's needs.

Workplace from Meta partner

The world of work(place) keeps turning

Meta will complete their retirement process of Workplace in May 2026, so where do you go next? And how do you plan your transition?


You have many options, from WorkVivo and Viva Engage to taking a different approach with something like Simpplr (or too many other options to mention).

Let us ensure you make the best move for your organisation. We can provide a free planning template, product demos and of course the best deal once you've chosen your roapmap.

Transition from Workplace

Bespoke migration support for your organisation

From our experience of hundreds of implemantations and migrations, we've built a planning template you can shape to your particular situation (on your own or with our help). It's key to take your people from A to B with the lowest friction and cost, and to make the most out of the situation as you go. .

Get in touch to find out more about how our method can help you migrate from Workplace to wherever you go next.

1. Assess 

The Assessment and planning stage is all about you and your organisational needs during this transition and beyond.

We’ll help you identify your organisational needs and your own, select the right software to migrate to, and plan the roadmap for your transition.

Work Networks Brand
Business communication toolkit

2. Migrate

Seamlessly transition your chosen platform into your systems to set you up for long-term success and security.

We’ll take on the heavy lifting and support with every element of your Tech, governance and security transition using our extensive experience of change management.

Communication tech implementation

3. Launch

Launching and growing your engagement on the platform of your choice.

We’ll co-design a simple and effective launch strategy that reflects your organisation’s objectives, goals and beliefs, setting you up for longterm successful engagement.

Launching Enterprise social network

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