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Great things happen when people are connected.

With an experienced team of ex in-house communicators, leadership coaches and technical gurus - you’re in safe hands with us, for as long as you need.

Workplace from Meta partner

Get buy-in across the board

Fear of change is real. Particularly when it comes to introducing new technology. That’s where we step in. Our Roadmap methodology assists you in validating product-person fit. We’ll help you get the right information and resources for decision-makers, as well as provide total cost figures for implementation and ongoing services.

Workplace from Meta partner

Launch with a bang & help it grow

When it comes to any social-enterprise technology, we know the essential success factors and red flags to steer clear of. We are here to work together with you in order to ensure the effectiveness of your project team and the success of your rollout.

Beyond launch, we’re here to support your team with their projects where the chosen technology is a catalyst for greatness, use data and knowledge to ensure your community continues to grow, be on hand for those need-to-know questions and provide technical support where needed.

Workplace implementation
Workplace from Meta partner

Our Customers

With our services, we empower global organisations to provide the best employee experience possible, from a variety of sectors and locations.

Review & Refresh

We understand that business leaders value insights into their investments and team success. We'll gather and evaluate data that is qualitative as well as quantitative, maintaining your organisation's goals at the forefront. With this, we provide an in-depth report on the health of your platform, along with tailored recommendations to support you in continuing your journey, backed up by all we've learnt from studying what builds the most powerful cultures in organisations.

Workplace analysis report

Allow your people to work on what matters

We'll assist you in handling regular tasks so you can focus on what really matters. You gain much more than a software licence when you use our automation solutions. We provide education, virtual workshops, continuous learning materials, use case inspiration, and individualised one-on-one assistance. Whether you're utilising an 'out-of-the-box' solution or building your own automation from scratch, we'll tailor our services to your specific requirements.

Automate work

Keep it safe

We're here to give experienced on-platform assistance and implementation to keep your chosen platform safe, from knowing how your business can govern and protect your accounts to keeping your data and intellectual property secure.


And we can bring in additional risk-management solutions through our partners. One platform for everything that keeps you (or your Governance team) awake at night.

Workplace privacy and security

Workplace for Good

Every year, Workplace provides the equivalent of $92 million in software. It has assisted in the formation of 22,000 Workplace groups and the distribution of 300,000 messages every day for nonprofitable charity organisations. We are honoured to contribute to this effort to improve the world by devoting a portion of our time to Workplace for Good customers.

Workplace for Good
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