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Our Team

We are a team of ex-in-house comms leads, leadership coaches and technical gurus. And for every project we take the time to form a bespoke team centred around your unique needs 

Our story

Nick Crawford, our founder and CEO, has been connecting people inside organisations since 2008 when he collaborated with Bupa's internal communications, technology, and people teams to build Bupa Live, a single platform linking 70,000 workers across 20+ organisations. 


Nick established Work Networks in January 2016 after forging a reputation as an early specialist in enterprise social. Long before the rebranding to Workplace from Meta, we were one of the very first Facebook at Work Partners in the UK, back when it was a Beta product.

Today, we have an ever-expanding team with a shared mission: transforming the employee experience by building better connections across global organisations, using the tech that's right for you.

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