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Workplace customers

The Challenge

Inspired by their founder, pioneering social reformer Octavia Hill, Octavia are a not-for-profit organisation offering homes, support and care. They provide thousands of people with affordable housing in inner London.

One of incoming CEO Sandra Skeete’s first missions was to bring Octavia’s divisions, workplaces and people together as One Octavia. She launched Workplace from the stage of Octavia’s biannual Staff Conference in January 2020.

How Workplace helped

Workplace is making a real difference at Octavia Housing. 95% of employees use Workplace every month from across the organisation such as maintenance teams using video and images to speed up the reporting and repair processes, to shop staff redistributing stock and carers on remote sites able to share the difference their work is making to the lives of their service users.
Cross-departmental groups have sped the communication between the Asset Management, Housing Management and Communal Services teams


60% of Octavia Workplace accounts were claimed within the first 24 hours.
95% of people use Workplace every month
81% of those people use Workplace every week


“This has changed our lives! The difference it’s made, especially for our maintenance and care-givers has been invaluable. We couldn’t imagine life without it now.”

“We’ve seen hundreds of groups spring up. Most significant I think are the cross-departmental groups that really speed the communication between our Asset Management, Housing Management and Communal Services teams”

“What’s been really good is that teams have been able to communicate their work to each other rather than it having to go through weekly newsletters or official comms. This makes it much more authentic.. It’s especially important for our remote workers who are able to have a voice and feel a lot more connected”
- Madison Sheedy, Octavia Comms Manager

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