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Workplace customers

The Challenge

Royal United Hospitals Bath (RUH Bath) brought in Workplace at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as a robust and effective crisis communications tool. It quickly allowed them to communicate vital information in real-time to all their staff and also enabled them to connect and communicate with eachother at an increasingly hard and isolating time.
RUH Bath engaged with Work Networks 12 months into their Workplace journey to help them increase staff engagement, to retrofit some best practices which were overlooked during their extremely rapid launch period and maximise value as they emerged from the height of the pandemic.

How Workplace helped

RUH Bath were able to co-ordinate their COVID-19 and Flu vaccination programmes, answering staff queries and concerns in real-time via dedicated groups on Workplace
They have an extremely active ‘staff message board’ group where colleagues can connect with each other instantly from all across the Trust
Workplace gives busy clinical staff a quick and easy way to connect withcollegues and life at RUH Bath


There is now a 93% adoption rate (up from 70% when WN were engaged)
44% increase in monthly active users (since WN were engaged)
The top ten active user groups by job role are all non-desk based staff including Staff Nurses, HCAs and Ward Clerks


“We love Workplace because it is a place for the human voice and not the corporate voice across the Trust” - LUCY KEARNEY Head of Communications & Engagement

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