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The Challenge

All3 Media companies are made up of 50+ TV production companies across the globe. They run a federatal model with each individual business having their own individual brand and culture, which they are fiercely proud of.
They wanted to create a stronger sense of what it means to be part of All3 Media as a group, as well as bridge the gap between individual businesses in order to share best practices and benefit from the collective intelligence.

How Workplace helped

Each individual business was given their own private space on Workplace to further promote their cultures as well as access to group-wide groups with information and resources available to everyone at the push of a button
Communities of practice were established across the group to enable individuals with the same job roles to connect, collaborate and share their challenges and solutions quickly and easily
All3 Media have used Workplace to successfully support their central initiatives of Net Zero by 2030 and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion bringing everyone together on these core topics


Everyone@ All3Media is hands-down the most active group on the platform
237 active groups on the platform


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