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The Challenge

Genuit Group has gone through a period of significant growth, much of which has been through mergers and acquisitions. It now consists of 15+ businesses each with it’s own distinct identity and culture.

Communication as a group was difficult and relied on a traditional ‘cascade’ method which took a long time, meant messages were diluted and many of their significant number of emailless front-line staff were left out. They sought to build a recognisable culture and a sense of belonging to the Group as well as respecting and upholding that of each individual business.

How Workplace helped

For the first time, CEO Joe Vorih has been able to communicate authentically and directly with all his Genuit colleagues through a weekly vlog highlighting different areas of the business as well as more conversationally through comments and reactions.

4 core Group-wide groups were set up at launch to enable connection, collaboration and crowdsourcing across the group; Genuit Group Think Tank, My Workplace, Shout Out and Thanks and Genuit News. In these groups, colleagues were able to see what was going on across the organisation, share ideas and get to know each other quickly and simply.

News and information were able to be shared immediately across the group ensuring everyone was kept up to date with updates in real-time and no-one was missed out.


Over 2,200 comments and nearly 18,000 reactions in the first month alone
62,283 connections* made in an ave. of 42 connections per person
Joe Vorih the CEO is regularly in the top 3 users of the platform, in the first month 100% of people saw at least one of his posts with more than 50% seeing every one


“I’ve been here 11 years and it is only through WP that I am finally putting faces to names” - Workplace Champion

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