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Workplace customers

The Challenge

Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust (BHRUT) is an Acute Hosptial Trust with over 10,000 staff split over two hospital sites in London. Following the COVID-19 pandemic staff across the NHS were stretched and engagement was low.

BHRUT wanted to facilitate internal communications and staff engagement across the whole Trus with the specific goals of building staff networks to align with BHRUT objectives on improving staff engagement, wellbeing, and peer to peer support.

How Workplace helped

Workplace breaks down the boundaries of shift patterns and working locations and overcomes the obstacles to genuine engagement that come with increasingly outdated channels such as email and intranet
It’s now easier for staff to keep in contact with each other, get in touch with new people and message senior managers. They can access information, share ideas and set up groups - all via an app on their mobile or desktop
CEO Matthew Trainer highlighted the positive impact Workplace was having on staff engagement in his recent presentation to the CQC (Nov 2022)


Within the first 10 days 50% of their workforce had claimed their Workplace account
Over 300 groups have been set up, including Trust-wide ‘Shout Outs and Thanks’ and clinical functions such as Maternity, Microbiology, Clinical Informatics and Safeguarding. Finance, Improvement and Cost of Living Support are proving popular, as (of course) is Show Us Your Pets!
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is in the top three communities, one of the Staff Networks even used Workplace to crowdsource a change of name


“For me Workplace is a positive tool, removing some of the barriers, and allowing me to talk to and comment on posts by colleagues that I would not otherwise have a connection with. It shows that we are more than just a nurse, a midwife, a doctor, a finance manager or a CEO” - DANIELA CAPASSO Assistant Director, Safeguarding and Named Midwife

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