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Workplace from Meta, a leader of collaboration and community platforms

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Workplace has been named as a leader in IDC’s Worldwide Collaboration and Community Applications for 2021, a true testament to the benefits that Workplace can bring to entire organisations across the globe. Why is this important?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations have shifted their focus to deciding what tools they need to efficiently and more importantly, meaningfully connect their workforces and allow them to continue working throughout the global crisis, and no doubt beyond as well. Many decision makers have been frantically calculating what the best balance is between platforms for communication and software for collaboration. Or even, what can they use that is future-proof for life after the pandemic that continues to provide the best employee experience for staff working remotely and in the office.

The importance of the new IDC MarketScape vendor assessment is that it highlights Workplace from Meta as a leader in the collaboration and community market space. And that's not an easy category to be put into as the assessment involves a rigorous scoring system that puts many business solutions through their paces. The analysis of Workplace in the IDC MarketScape report focuses on the following strengths:

  • Workplace is easy to use and requires little training. As a result, adoption is quick. The number of customers with over 100,000 users demonstrates this.

  • The Knowledge Library and Groups feature make it easier to capture and make company knowledge accessible for employees. A device friendly Knowledge Library can replace existing corporate hard-to-navigate portals as the single source of truth by making them easy to access and easy to navigate across devices. Admins can also make engaging content easy to locate and replace traditional intranets.

  • Engaging, two-way dialogs allow everyone in a business to have their say, and go beyond simply broadcasting information.

  • An authentic way to communicate news and information is through live video. Leader communications can be measured to ensure continuous improvement through live video.

Nick Crawford, founder and CEO at Work Networks, had this to say: "We connect people across small, medium and large complex organisations around the world, and have so far not found anything more powerful than Workplace in terms of adoption, user experience, and delivering real outcomes... It's great to see Workplace recognised as a leader. We agree."

The IDC MarketScape report advises, “Workplace should be a consideration when you want to build community at work, are seeking to replace intranet content with easy-to-access content, want to create content to drive feedback and engagement at granular to company wide levels, and would consider video from executives to make sure the messages can reach and engage everyone in the organisation."

Find out how Work Networks can help your organisation get the best out of Workplace. Connect with us.

Read the full report here.


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