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Our Story

Our founder, Nick Crawford, has been connecting people inside organisations since 2008, when he worked with the internal comms, tech and people teams at Bupa to launch Bupa Live, a single platform connecting 70,000 employees across 20+ businesses. 


After building a career as an early specialist in enterprise social connectivity, Nick founded Work Networks in January 2016. We soon became one of the very first Workplace from Facebook Partners in the UK, long before the rebranding to Meta.


We’ve chosen to work with Workplace because it’s the platform that best facilitates the flow of human connection across the entire organisation. This supports our simple vision: to help as many organisations as possible reap the benefits of connecting all their people, from head office to front line.

Our Beliefs
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The Value of Connection

People are only an organisation's greatest asset when they are connected; to information, to each other, and to the organisation as a whole

People at the Heart

Work is made possible by the connections we make with other people. Great work takes great connections.

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Human Conversation Beats Corporate Cascade

Cascades only flow one way. Conversations create clarity.

Transparency Creates Trust

Be open with each other, about the struggles as well as the successes. Make it easy for people to ask difficult questions.

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Find The Meaningful Difference

There is no point in a technology platform unless it makes a meaningful difference to people's work-life.

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Here at Work Networks, we are a unique blend of people, passion & expertise. As a team of ex-in-house internal communications and marketing specialists we can see things from our clients' unique points of view.


Nick Crawford

Founder & CEO

"I'm passionate about ensuring everyone has a voice, which is why I founded Work Networks in January 2016. Starting out seems like only yesterday but here I am with over 13 years of experience connecting organisations using social technologies. With my experience I have come to firmly believe that Workplace is the only platform to achieve our customers’ goals".