Your customers are connected.

Your devices are connected.

What about your people?

Work Networks is a specialist

Workplace consultancy

Workplace from Facebook is the world's leading whole-org internal collaboration and communication platform.

We use Workplace to amplify the power of your people by connecting everyone across your organisation. 

We're one of Facebook's earliest Workplace partners and an official Workplace reseller. We work alongside People, Tech, Comms and the C-Suite to connect workforces ranging from 750 to 75,000. 

Our mission is to build stronger human connections at work. Stronger human connections mean better communication, interaction and collaboration across the whole company, not just inside your teams. 

This gives the connected organisation a significant competitive advantage. Disconnected organisations have not got much time.

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Why work with Workplace?

The 2019 Forrester Total Economic Impact report outlines the following

benefits to organisations deploying Workplace

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  • Increased revenue per customer 10%

  • Reduced leadership communications costs ~25%

  • Increased efficiency in training and development 18%.

More effective org-wide comms


  • Higher knowledge worker collaboration efficiency 8%

  • Faster time to decision 20% 

  • Improved frontline worker task efficiency ~20% 

Enhanced teamwork and productivity

  • Increased efficiency  working with external parties 11%,

  • Reduced cloud opex 80%

Building a

connected culture 

  • Increased employee onboarding efficiency 24%

  • Higher employee retention 10% 

  • Increased product innovation 32%.

Increased employee engagement & satisfaction 

Workplace transforms the employee experience, providing a tool to make them more productive and facilitating connectivity with colleagues, interactions with leaders, and the sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Increased leadership visibility and accessibility

The two-way nature of Workplace communications makes it easier for employees to ask leaders questions, especially compared to email. 83% of survey respondents agreed that Workplace enabled more virtual leadership communication.

Reduced use of shadow IT

In some cases, various platforms and communications tools were eliminated following the Workplace implementation, resulting in reduced costs and security risks .

10% increase in revenue per customer

20% reduction in time to make decisions

10% higher employee




over three years

Why work with us?

1. We combine People, Tech and Comms experience. With over ten years  in internal comms and employee engagement as well as large-scale software integrations, our IT-savvy and people-centric approach means you don't have to trade one expertise for another. 

2. We understand that 80%+ active users, and high engagement figures are the means and not the end. Before engaging your workforce, we first engage with you. What are the changes you want to see in your organisation? We work alongside you and towards what you want to use Workplace for. 

3.  We're geeky about this stuff. We're among the most experienced practitioners out there with experience of building internal social platforms that stretches back to 2006. We're familiar with the opportunities, the challenges and the bumps in the road. We're also curious about the as-yet-undiscovered possibilities. If you're curious too, why not book us in for a call or a coffee?


 "The ability to think differently about some of the issues we were facing and to adopt a fresh approach played a fundamental role in the success of the roll-out: no small feat in a large global organisation with associated challenges.


The Work Networks team come with my highest recommendation - I would recommend them to small through enterprise grade organisations alike and am more than happy to provide a personal reference on request."


Head of Digital and CRM


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